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Around 20,000 years ago, man began domesticating wolves to live and work alongside us, eventually leading to one of the strongest bonds seen between species - man's best friend. 

To look at a playful pug, a ditsy spaniel or a lazy lab today, it's hard to imagine the close genetic relationship our pets share with wolves - but the fundamental fact remains that all dogs are carnivores, with digestive systems and teeth evolved to eat meat.

Through convenience and profits for big corporations, we as modern dog owners have largely settled with feeding our beloved dogs the same scoops of dry kibble for all of their lives, with the occasional table scraps and treats. While this works for some owners and dogs (we at North Wales Raw Feeds support different feeding approaches without judgement), there is a world of flavour, nutrition, texture and instinctual feeding for your dog to discover through raw feeding. 


A break-down of the health benefits of raw feeding:

  • Your dog will enjoy their food and look forward to meal times with excitement!

  • Helps create a stronger, healthier immune system so more resistant to disease and ill-health.

  • No grain and other allergy-causing ingredients.

  • Shiny healthy coats, clear skin with no musty doggy smell.

  • White teeth, no plaque build up from the grain, healthy gums and fresher breath. 

  • Easy to maintain a healthy weight.

  • Better muscle tone.

  • Smaller, firm poops. 

  • No metabolic problems.

  • It’s cheaper in the long run as vet bills are dramatically reduced.

  • The comforting knowledge that you are making the best choice for your pet.

  • Nutritionally balanced for your dog without the additives.

  • Slows aging, dogs likely to live 17-19 years versus 10-13 for kibble-fed.

  • Drastically reduces the risk of cancer caused by artifically ingredients in kibble.

  • No more problems with bloating, diarrhea 

You may have fed your dog kibble all their lives, perhaps your previous dogs too, maybe you adopted your dog and were instructed to only feed kibble, or maybe your vet, friends or family have told you horror stories about dogs getting ill from eating raw meat.

Many people are skeptical of raw feeding to begin with, which is understandable because we as humans perceive raw meat as dangerous or unhygienic. Changing this mindset through education and information is the first step to raw feeding. Once we realise that dogs are biologically set up to only eat raw meat, it starts to make more sense. 

Remember, your vet profits from the sales of kibble. Wording such as "scientific formula" and "vet approved" leads us to believe this must be best for our dog, but consider who would stand to make a loss if dogs were eating a natural, readily available diet, needing less medical intervention and living longer?

The graphic below illustrates a few reasons kibble isn't best. This is not intended to make any owner feel bad for feeding kibble, but if you've made it this far you may be considering a switch, and we want you to know raw is absolutely the right choice for your dog. 

Effects of Kibble
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