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1. First thing is to completely stop feeding kibble. Do not mix kibble and raw as this will cause digestive upset.

2. To begin your puppy/dogs raw journey, we advise starting days 1-5 off on our pure green tripe, available in our Raw Feeds section, this will allow your dog's stomach PH to adjust.

3. From day 6 you can begin feeding raw meat & tripe completes, starting with a mild protein such as our 100% chicken & tripe complete. Continue feeding the chicken & tripe complete for 5 days.

4. At day 12, gradually introduce another protein along with the chicken & tripe complete, such as beef, lamb or pork. From now on you do not have to feed tripe with every meal, but it has great nutritional benefits and can be fed in a complete mix with proteins daily. As each day goes by, gradually feed less chicken and more of the other proteins.

5. Once you've introduced all the main proteins, you can now begin feeding fish. Remember to introduce slowly, this will prevent stomach upset. Fish can be fed up to 3 times a week.

6. While many dogs can cope without a transition period, we recommend the method above as it's the gentlest and most effective method of transition.

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